i'll become what you became to me

Starter Questions.......

Age : 16

Height : 5'4"

Country : USA

Hair Color and Style : brown hair... not really curly, but not straight...let's just call it wavy

Weight : muahaha that's for me to know and you to NEVER find out!

Ethnic Group : mostly quebecquoi... dun dun dun! a little english/irish/native american too

WWE Questions..........

okay, i don't watch this... i'm not even sure what it is... so i'm gonna answer it about the wrestlers that i actually watch! muahahaha

Fave current wrestler : hmmm...well, i hafta say i love to watch josh b... matt k too... i prefer watching the bigger guys... but i like watching ward and keith too

Fave diva : me! haha

Fave wrestler of all time : hmmm... good question...i think i would say either coach or adam g

Fave wrestling match of all time : vinny g last year at the GSA pre-season tournament... i can't remember who he wrestled, but it was an awesome match... that was actually my first wrestling meet EVER and i still remember it...

Have you ever been to a live wrestling meet: duh

When did you start watching wrestling : my freshman year

Do you watch it every week : i'd watch it non-stop if i could

What sign would you take if you went to a meet: hmmm...well, we made about 30 posters for the guys for regionals and states... but i guess i'd probably make one that said "now leave me alone, ward" or "i love you keith"... muahahaha... inside joke

Most hated wrestler of all time : joe s... they say he's nice... from everything he's said to me and my family, i judge that he's not

What male match would you most like to see : well, the ones i looked forward to the most this year were max k vs. adam b ... and caleb p vs matt b... i'd say next year it's gonna wind up being keith t vs. troy c... that will be a can't miss match

What female match would you most like to see : i hate watching the girls wrestle...i don't watch it when at all possible

If you got to go on a date with one wrestler, who would you choose and why: haha, good question... well, does it have to be a date? cause i'd love to hang out with the bucksport team and their girlies... but lemme tell you, my freshman year i thought nick g from dirigo was the hottest thing with two legs

Which wrestler would you most like to see now: adam t...tara, miranda, beth from bucksport... mary and ileia from foxcroft...

The crazy and wacky and totally insane questions..........

What would you do if you came face to face with an alien : scream and beg for mercy

If you saw a lion running towards you, do you think you could cope ok, or would you pee in all directions while running for your life : i would pee my pants..... come on, what kinda question is that? i pee my pants anyway! jk

What would you do if you were stood tied to a post and sawa bull running towards you : scream and beg for mercy

8:24 a.m.

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