Mary's So-Called Life

100 random things about Mary

1.)I live in Maine. Not in ritzy southern Maine, but in north-central Maine where people actually work hard for their money. No, we are not hicks, and yes, I have all my teeth. I am proud that I am from this town and would choose to be from nowhere else.

2.)I used to be a cheerleader. It used to be my life. I could not imagine going a day without cheerleading. Then I gave up cheering for the wrestling team, and I am sooo glad that I did. I would not go back for the world.

3.)I play piano. I have played since I was 8 years old. I originally wanted to play the flute, but I was deemed too young to try, so I switched to the piano. For many years I hated the piano, but now I am incredibly glad that I stuck with it. I could not imagine where I would be now without it.

4.)I also sing. I used to listen to the Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music soundtracks in my room when I was little, belting out the notes even though I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Now I have been taking lessons for three years and have had lead roles in three separate musicals. I must say that I have progressed from the shy bedroom singer I once was.

5.)I am Baptist. I have been my entire life. If you want to find me on a Sunday, your best bet is to try the church.

6.)I am anti-abortion. I do not condone the murder of innocent fetuses who cannot make up their own minds. If people want to kill themselves, I cannot stop them, but I will not stand by and watch someone murder their own child in the name of "free choice".

7.)I love cows, but I eat meat. I spend a lot of time at work watching the lobsters in their tank, but I eat them too.

8.)I have read more books than most people will see in their lifetimes. I spend a lot of time at the library. I am always looking for a book bargain.

9.)I have always wanted to play the cello. It's just one of those things i've always wanted to do.

10.)You know how you always had a childhood dream? To be a fireman or an astronaut? I always wanted to be a ballerina...I still do.

11.)I am easily annoyed.

12.)I am incredibly sarcastic. A lot of people are offended by things I say, but the people who really know me know I don't say things to hurt people. I am really blunt, and I usually say the first thing that pops into my head. Honest? Yes. Hurtful? Sometimes....

13.)I listen to all kinds of music except country. I don't like bleeding ears.

14.)I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. And I won't. So don't bother me.

15.)I am afraid of needles.

16.)I have a fear of heights and of drowning.

17.)Someday I want to ride on a vintage motorcycle and feel the wind in my hair without getting all kinds of nasty bugs in my teeth.

18.)I do not really enjoy too many fair rides. I have a tendency to throw up on them.

19.)I love rain, especially the sound it makes on my windows at night.

20.)I am not homophobic, but I do not agree with homosexuality. I will not discriminate against those who are, however, but I do believe homosexuality is a choice and that it is a sin. Don't try to convince me otherwise. You will not win.

21.)I try not to swear. I think it is incredibly gauche and improper. I do not think it's very polite. Especially to talk that way with strangers.

22.)I am French Canadian. I am also Irish and English on my father's side.

23.)I love winter. I would much rather be cold than hot.

24.)I want to write a New York Times bestselling novel. I know I can do it; it's just a matter of getting started.

25.)I own approximately 25 Broadway soundtracks and classical CDs.

26.)I've never been in a really serious relationship. I've had two "semi-serious" boyfriends... one was abusive and a living nightmare.

27.)Because of the abusive relationship I was in, I'm very passionate about domestic violence. Seriously, there is no excuse. Though I was only verbally abused, I got out before things became worse. I cannot stand to see people miserable in relationships. It breaks my heart. It makes me relive it all again.

28.)I know random bits of French and Italian. I want to get to the point where I am fluent in one of the two, if not both.

29.)I hate math. It used to be easy for me, but now I cannot concentrate long enough to accomplish anything.

30.) English is my favorite subject. I'm much better with words than with numbers or equations.

31.) I also love history. I am a volunteer worker at our town's museum.

32.)My car is named Gertie. She is also known as the Spider-Mobile.

33.)I love seafood. I don't know why. I also like pasta.

34.)I like to sit online and wait for people to talk to me. The ones I don't want to talk to me do and the ones I want to talk to me don't.

35.)I tend to migrate to my piano or a book when I'm in one of my moods.

36.)I am claustrophobic. I'm not an extreme case, but I do get uncomfortable when people and things get close to me. Hence why I have such a hard time hugging people.

37.)I'm afraid of moths.

38.)I used to be a dancer. I used to take tap, ballet, and jazz. I was horrible at ballet because I was always taller than the rest of the girls, and I have very little grace. But I was pretty good at tap. I still can be caught tapping around every so often.

39.)I am a neat freak. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to make my bed before.

40.)Every time I went into Pacific Sunwear last summer, one of the male employees would flirt with me incessantly. I don't think he works there anymore, but I still go in to see if he's there.

41.)I am incredibly clumsy. I never fall when I'm by myself; it's always when people are around. Usually at wrestling meets in front of all the guys when I'm wearing a skirt.

42.)Sometimes I am very easily embarrassed, and other times I really couldn't care less. I guess it all depends what kind of mood I'm in.

43.)The neighbors I have back home are awesome. When we moved in a few years ago, one of them brought us over a huge ice cream cake. The two men that live next door always bring us fruit and veggies that they grow, and Bob across the street brings biscuits for my dog when he comes over.

44.)I attend the University of Maine at Farmington with a major in creative writing.

45.)I was the band president my senior year of high school. I played flute in the band, but I also played trombone and bari sax.

46.)I have a passion for studying World War II and the Holocaust.

47.)My favorite show (as in Broadway) was Fiddler on the Roof. It was my first major show, and it will probably always be my favorite.

48.)I am an only child, but I consider my first cousins Jana and Maria my sisters. They are here too often and have shared too much to still be cousins.

49.)My hope is to one day fall in love with a man who will love me for who I am and respect me for who I hope to become.

50.)I am a hopeless romantic.

51.)When I sweep the floors, I sing into my broom.

52.)I'm still trying to figure out if I've ever been in love.

53.)I love my family more than anything. My parents are the best, and my extended family is great too. I don't know what I'd do without them.

54.)I pick my outfits every morning to match my necklaces, not vice versa.

55.)I would wear flip flops year-round if i could. Actually, I would probably go barefoot if I was allowed.

56.)My favorite board game is Clue.

57.)I sing at work. In front of customers. And don't think twice.

58.)I used to be so afraid to sing in front of anyone. I used to be afraid of my own voice. And when I think of how far I have come, I am so proud of myself.

59.)During my senior year of high school, most of my friends' parents thought I had already graduated. They couldn't figure out why I was still hanging around town.

60.)I believe in the power of prayer.

61.)I am not a huge fan of Bach or Beethoven. I like Mozart and Chopin, however, because their styles are very similar to my own.

62.)I have a hard time hearing. Try growing up around construction equipment and see if you have perfect ears.

63.)I wear glasses. Luckily not the pink and purple ones I used to have.

64.)Sometimes I amaze myself with how artistic I am. For example, Sarah W. and I were looking at a picture of a dog the other day. She immediately knew it was a dog, but I had to stare at it before I decided it was one of the creatures from Men in Black. It took me a few days to see that it actually was a dog. Hence why I love art.

65.)I have a way of seeing things much differently than everyone else. Read the previous point for proof.

66.)I haven't really liked pizza since I used to work at a pizzeria.

67.)I tend to zone out. A lot.

68.)I'm so glad I was raised Christian. I can't imagine my life right now without God in it.

69.)I miss the simplicity of childhood, but long for the knowledge of maturity.

70.)Some people say things to me that completely make my day. A simple "I really love to hear you play/sing" or "that pizza looks really good" puts me on a high for several hours.

71.)My name is Mary for those of you who could not figure that out by my screen name.

72.)I love macaroni and cheese.

73.)Before I got my license, it seemed like everyone I knew already had theirs. Now that I have my license, it seems like no one I know has one. Why? Because it seems like I have to cart everyone around.

74.)I actually enjoy driving.

75.)I'm a sucker for common courtesy and politeness. I wish chivalry were not dead.

76.)I was a manager for our high school's wrestling team for two years. My school won 13 state titles and 12 runners-up in the past 42 years... not bad if I do say so myself.

77.)One of my friends asked me why my sn was "proud" Mary because she did not believe I'm a proud person. The sn is because of the song by CCR, but I really am proud. Most people don't know it.

78.)I never bow at the end of a show or performance. I always curtsy.

79.)I like ice hockey. My school didn't have a team, but if it did, I would have gone to every game.

80.)I have considered moving to Alaska. It gets too hot in Maine during the summer... plus men outnumber women 3 to 1 in Alaska. *winks*

81.)I have chocolate chip muffins for breakfast almost every morning.

82.)When I was in fifth grade, I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. My face was quite scraped. The accident was only four days before picture day.

83.)I have scoliosis. In cheering, I could never tumble with the rest of the girls. One wrong move would have me in bed for a week.

84.)I am a bit of a loner. I'd prefer to work by myself instead of having 20 people breathing down my neck.

85.)I once babysat the two kids from hell for $1.70 an hour.

86.)I also babysat an adorable angel for $10 an hour.

87.)I used to spend my study halls in Miss Jeskey's room, pouring over her books and making fun of the underclassmen.

88.)I hate phys. ed. And most anything that requires physical activity.

89.)I was kicked out of the library once for coloring Care Bear pictures during study hall.

90.)I got an 1160 on my SAT's the first time. I guess that's okay. Andy told me it was good, so I didn't take them again.

91.)I'm pretty lazy. Why, I'm not sure.

92.)I liked Wal*Mart until they decided to add a hair salon, eye care place, photo studio, and whatever other crap they have. I'm aware that some are independent workers, but it does detract from small business.

93.)One of my favorite quotes is from the Broadway show, The Fantasticks. You might notice that I use it a lot in entries. "I do not know the answer; I merely know it's true."

94.)I actually enjoy watching tractor pulls at fairs.

95.)I'm a big fan of John Deere tractors.

96.)I have a difficult time trusting people.

97.)I love the song "Soliloquy" from Carousel... give it a listen. It's incredible.

98.)In seventh grade, I got a perfect score at a piano competition playing a Clementi sonatina. I also got a great score at the state festival, and the next year at district and states. I never made it to states again for piano.

99.)I love natural boys. I can't stand goths or punks or preps. I want a boy who's happy being the way he is.

100.)On Monday nights, my cousins, my aunt, my mom, and I used to have a night at home when we watched Big Joe Polka Show on RFDTV and dance around, singing Rod Stewart and Elton John tunes.

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